Sunday, May 25, 2014

Calaveras Supervisor candidate Olivera plans 6 more gun ranges?

   We had one source tell us that he believes from rumors he has heard that Michael Oliveras, once elected to District 3 Supervisor, plans to force the US Forest Service to build 4 more illegal shooting ranges in Ebbetts Pass. Is this true? We would like to know who at the USFS is working with him on this plan.

   One, we have been told will be right next to Meadowmont subdivision. Another in Blue Lake Springs, near the Golf Course, where Oliveras has his 2nd home (his primary residence is in Danville, per Homeowners Exemption record).

    The other 2 are in the Dorrington and Camp Connell area, according to our source. We would appreciate if Oliveira has others planned and would email us his maps and other details.


Anonymous said...

Someone just told me they think he wants to put one at Forest Meadows where that storage facility was refused.

Anonymous said...

lol. now I agree with that one.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this yesterday and asked, but no one will tell me if its true.

Anonymous said...

I know him. if he could he would do it.