Saturday, May 24, 2014

Calaveras Supervisor Ponte NOT doing her job?

He has such a lovely home. Must
be worth a lot, right on the
Lake and everything?
    UPDATE May 21, 2014 at 1 PM:  Mr. Quint, Adviser  to the Commissioner Lowell Pimley of the Bureau of Reclamation called us from Washington DC
to ask if there was a problem.

    We explained about the run-around, different stories and refusals to give managers numbers, including David Murillo's, Regional Director, and that all residents want is to have the fire danger he presents on Bureau of Relamation land, removed.

   We gave him a list of the numbers we had been given and told him we had requested of Drew Lessard a copy of the form to vacate that he stated had been given to the squatter 4 months ago.

   He explained that it is a "process,", a word that had been used by Debbie Ponte. I also asked for the date and the name of the person who first reported the trespasser, or squatter.

   He said that is probably privileged information and I said that under the Freedom of Information Act, I have a right to see it. He told me that he would check into it and if he had any other information that he could release he would call me. His number is 202-513-0542.

   He also told us that Alex Michalvik at New Melones is in charge of this.
 UPDATE:  Mr. Drew Lessard, Manager over New Melones Bureau of Reclamation called and told us he was not on vacation as we had been told, but wished he was.

   Very interestingly, he stated that the Bureau only was notified of this squatter, or trespasser 4 months ago and that he has been served with papers to leave the area.

  We have requested copies of the document he was served with and the name and date of the notification the Bureau received about this squatter. Mr. Lessard stated that he should be removed by sometime this summer.

   UPDATE:  As of today, May 21, 2014 we have emailed Washington DC and left a message with the DC office.

We have been told that David Murillo is the Regional Director, but were denied his number by a woman PIO who answers that phone number, but knows nothing. This department has a serious problem.


 UPDATE:  The Bureau of Reclamation is now referring us to a Public Affairs Office in the Sacramento area 916-978-5100 Louis Moore.

   Moore said he went on the website and looked at the photos and asked "what we want them to do".

   When I said that this was supposedly reported over a year ago, he said that the Calaveras Sheriff's Department is responsible.

   We asked for the manager over the Melones Bureau personnel and we have left a message after another wrong number given us of 9l6-988-1707.

    The number we were allowed to leave a message on for Drew Lessard is 916-989-7200. Do you believe this? We call this being given the "run around".

     UPDATE:  And the game goes on and on. Mr. Wade was not happy that Ms. Ponte was giving out his name and numberas the BLR person responsible. This is so typical of our County Supervisors. Dump it on someone else. Never take responsibility.

UPDATE:  We received an email response from Supervisor Ponte, who states:

   "This situation is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Reclamation - the local contact is Mr. Wade at 209-536-9094.

   He has asked that any complaints/concerns/questions on this situation (or other concerns on Bureau lands) should be directed to his office.

  His resources are limited but he is aware of the situation and working towards solving it.

   There have been several County departments that have assisted the Bureau as well -primarily Environmental Health and local law enforcement. "
  After receiving photos and complaints about what appears to be a squatter or trespasser on the shore of Lake Tulloch, the fear of FIRE is making us ask questions. Does Ponte care about her constituents at all?

Who is this? A legal homeowner
at Lake Tulloch?
   The only thing Ponte EVER does FOR her district is to demand that HER religion be allowed to torment young women who were made pregnant by men to follow HER personal beliefs or be made to feel guilty their entire lives.  Do something for the people

   Perhaps if she spent less time praising the religious sect she worships, she would have had more time to follow up on this issue. Pray on!!


Anonymous said...

LOL. This is probably one of the Good old boy high school buds of Gary Kuntz. He protects them from any and every form of criminal proceeding.

Anonymous said...

I like the dog.

Anonymous said...

morelikely a member of pontes inner circle.

Anonymous said...

You do have a way of waking me up, Sierra Sentinel. Thanks for letting us know about Ponte.

Anonymous said...

The county has not done anything about the squatter. He has been living near the inlet of lake tulloch for years. His camp is set up in the bushes just above the lake on the left side as you reach the end of the lake at the inlet. The county was made aware of this camp last year but this person is still camping out and burning wood. It sure would be nice if the county and the BOS could make serious moves to protect the comunity from real threats like this instead of spending thousand of dollars of time and money on things like "short term rental" fees and permits. That's right remember all the time and energy wasted pushing that train up hill in the name of "Public Saftey" I'm way more afraid of a squatter setting fire to the hills from his campfire then family making noise while renting a house on lake tulloch.
Take a look a the wild fire images being shown on TV let us know what you think is a more pressing issue???? Yes Ms Ponte please do your job and protect the people of the county of that what you are suposed to represent.

Anonymous said...

Come on, you guys. You know she only did the anti-business things to hurt any possibility of honest people making a living. She got support for her election this way. Once elected, she has screwed us all.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so surprised. She's just after yet another retirement.

Anonymous said...

This is so typical of our government taxes at work. what a joke! Maybe the tea party folks will brink their guns in to fight against the Bureau just like in Nevada. Maybe we should all move to Bureau of Land Management or bureau of Reclamation land. this guys got a great life, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

The Goverment Shell game! Skirt your problems or in this case (your job) to another department that does nothing all while you said you forwarded it to the correct department!
"Little Debbie" you were elected by the people to represent them. Is this your Idea of representing the people of district 3?

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe of district 4.

Anonymous said...

Ponte doesn't follow up on the things that are important. She's jst another Tryon, if you ask me. A one term supe.