Wednesday, May 28, 2014

OP-ED.....Thought we would get used to it.....Stanislaus National Forest destruction...

  ....but no, it hurts just as bad now as in the beginning.

   What is it? Watching logging truck after logging truck for months now fly down Hwy 49
headed for the ships to take them to China or Japan.

   The blackened bark can't hide that the trees inside was healthy and made homes for so many wonderful wildlife species. The animals are mostly all dead now too.

   There is no way to get used to seeing our forest destroyed by a careless hunter; a hunter who is still
NOT in jail to our knowledge and is still being protected by his friends in Tuolumne County Law Enforcement.

   I can't remember any time where I felt that "an eye for an eye" was more appropriate, can you? This guy has friends in the right places, that's clear to everyone. His name is still even hidden.

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