Saturday, May 24, 2014

More squatter photos at Lake Tulloch

Now where did you say the potty was??
Let's cut more trees down and start
a big bonfire!!
  The is so pleased that one resident had the courage to actually go to the encampment of the squatter and
take photos. Here are some more:


Anonymous said...

You're right. This is so tpical of our County officials. They don't give a darn about us or fires.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the place Debbie stayed while she investigated the horrid rentals for her supporter?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ isn't this the place that Debbie stayed at^^ no I'm pretty sure she stayed at Jack Cox's house. I don't think his house is that nice@ least this place dosent have the loud renters Next Door!!! :) BOS says Renters on Lake Tulloch represent a public saftey hazard and makes them file for a S.U.P special use permit but this guy stays for free with out regulation.
Ye Haww welcome to Hazzard County.
Debbie sorta looks like Boss Hoggs wife so it makes sence