Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How do you want to be remembered? As "CIVIL" and obedient?

  After you are gone from this earth, how will you be remembered?  If you could have just ONE memory
of you envisioned by those still here, what would it be?
   Some want to be remembered as kind-hearted and caring to everyone. These are the people who live their lives causing no ripples; never fighting for the rights of others or themselves.

  Or would you want to be remembered for fighting against the corruption in our law enforcement divisions, making the bad cops sweat because they know YOU know about them?

   How about being a fierce and constant force against bad government and its incompetent and uncaring elected officials, who cannot bring themselves to admit their failures and quit?

   "Civility", a word tossed around a lot these days, means accept what you are given and never complain, never challenge the status quo; just shut up and sit there!

    Schools are teaching our children never to protest; never to stand up and yell for your constitutional rights? We would still be in Viet Nam if that law was in effect then.

     Treat the elected as the gods they believe themselves to be, even when they insist on bringing THEIR religion into OUR government body?

   Then HELL no, I will NOT sit back and be "civil" for them. Will you?  Some can't take the heat, and die just as they lived, never given a second thought just a few years later.

     Cowards never make changes happen! I'll take the fighters, the ones who take chances and who are feared by those who deserve the heat!  And we will remember them forever!!

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