Saturday, May 31, 2014

Michael Oliveira! Where do you really live?

   After receiving multiple complaints about Michael Oliveira, candidate for Supervisor of District 3, we discovered that he really lives in Danville, with only a 2nd home in Arnold,
along with businesses in Danville.

   If Mr. Oliveira can provide us with proof that his Homeowners Exemption is truly at a home in the Arnold area, we will be glad to show that you have now moved and do not have any businesses or residences in Danville. 

   A candidate should live in the District where they are running for Supervisor. Otherwise it is a phony campaign. Perhaps he is moving to Candy Rock?

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Anonymous said...

I first knew there was something basically what I felt was dishonest when he said he was the resident depty. then he said he only cared abot business. We found out it was really candyrock gun range. Now we find out he isn't really a resident. It figures.