Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Official Calaveras County Church services in progress

   May 27, 2014:  Led by Pastor/Chair Debbie Ponte and prayers led by Cliff Edson and Darren Spellman, services of their particular religious beliefs,
began at the Calaveras Board Chambers at 9 AM.

   After many prayers for the horrid sinners of Calaveras County who do not practice their peculiar religions, there is an item on the agenda regarding Debbie Ponte meeting with the Bureau of Reclamation Park Ranger Alex Michalek at Melones in MARCH regarding the drought and status of projects on Melones.

   Do you find it interesting that this is NOW on the agenda. There is absolutely NO mention of the Squatter at Lake Tulloch, which Michalek was responsible for removing, per their DC office.

   That's our Pastor Ponte in action!!

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