Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lake Tulloch Squatter: To Calaveras Board of Supervisors

   UPDATE:  At around 1:30 PM we received a call fro Shane Hunt at the Bureau of Reclamation Regional Directors Office in Sacramento. 202-208-6997. (Funny, we tried to get his number and were refused by the POI person).

   He states that no one had ever brought this to management level attention before. He assured us that  the squatter was served with eviction orders in January of 2014 and that he will be evicted and all material removed within two weeks.

   He also gave us the email to request a copy of the form they used to evict as a Freedom of Information Request.

We found this original letter sent by email to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors Chair Merita Callaway, Lake Tulloch's Tri-Dam Susan Larsen and County Environmental Health Brian Moss on October 27, 2013:

    "Subject: Lake Tulloch Squatter

     Dear Board of Supervisors:

     With the Rim Fire just contained and it was deemed that it was started by a hunter and an "Illegal Camp fire" at a cost of over $130 million, I thought I would or could bring this encampment to your attention.

   This person has been living here for the last 2 years.

   This camp is set up at the inlet to Lake Tulloch right before the longs on the left side as you are headed upriver.

    You can see he is collecting firewood and is using it.  He has a shelter set up in the trees above where the boat is parked.

   I have no idea what is being done as far as SEWAGE containment and other WASTE treatment.

   Could you please advise me if the Board of Supervisors is the right contact for this type of notice.  This picture was taken on Friday the 25, 2013.  Thank you, Copper resident (name withheld)


Anonymous said...

What a shocker" the county doing nothing but playing stupid and pushing it to someone else's desk!!

Thank you sentinel for bringing this and other issues like this to our attention. I'm sure the BOS and the county would like to just sweep this under the rug our someone else's department

Anonymous said...

Lol! Callaway is so afraid of the Tulloch influence on her Cabin Rental scams, she claimed the squatter was just a short term renter exercising his freedoms!