Saturday, May 24, 2014

Calaveras Supervisors holding Church Services Tuesday

Come and pray with Ponte,
Edson and Spellman on
Tuesday, as they force
us to bring religion into
the government in
Calaveras County!!
   On May 27, 2014, we hear that the Calaveras Supervisors, led by Pastor Chair Debbie Ponte, Assistant Pastor Cliff Edson and (tee hee) Altar Boy Darren Spellman will open their regular
church services at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in San Andreas beginning at 9 AM

     The meeting, as usual, will begin with prayer for the sinners who dare to exercise their constitutional right of CHOICE, followed by their favorite RIGHT WING wacko, who will call them BABY-KILLERS, as before!

     These three have made Calaveras County such a religious place to spend your time.

   It certainly is not a place where your Supervisors Ponte, Edson or Spellman do anything to help constituents or taxpayers, however. Start praying now, that we can get rid of these bad Supervisors as quickly as possible.  



Anonymous said...

lol, lol, lol, so true!

Anonymous said...

It might be funny if it wasn't so true!

Anonymous said...

Lil mr. altar boy. lov it