Monday, May 26, 2014

OP-ED....Be "CIVIL" say Northington and her friends

  As we watch Chris Martinez' father express his anger and remorse on national TV, we are reminded by local officials like Kathy Nothington and Merita Callaway to always be "CIVIL", and that being angry is BAD!!

   These elected officials are WRONG!!  Mr. Martinez is getting through to people with his extreme anger towards these and other elected officials, who sit on their thrones and collect our tax money! They do NOTHING to protect our children and continue to say "BE CIVIL"!!

   Don't be angry with elected officials who vote to HOUND the poor bears, like Callaway did and Spellman abstained from. Don't ever blame us! We're innocent. Treat us like perfect innocent little gods!!! Be "CIVIL" no matter what happens!!


Anonymous said...

We should all be as angry as Mr. Martinez. Still, will nothing be done? The gun lobby donates a lot of money to certain elected officials, to block any legislation to save our children's lives. I am angry and sick of being "CIVIL" to them.

Anonymous said...

I can't watch that poor father and stay civil in my feelings, either. and I don't hear any local elected officials having the guts to say anything.