Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lake Tulloch Squatter or Trespasser?

   It seems that once it was established that the land in question was the responsibility of the Bureau of Reclamation, (which took some time),  that Shawn Wade, Acting Chief Park Ranger of the Bureau at Melones sent an email to several county officials, including Ponte
on November 19, 2013:

   "We are continuing to monitor the dam buoy line trespass issue. Two of our Park Rangers, with the assistance of Calaveras County Sheriff's Deputy Justin Cuoto, visited the "campsite" approximately a week and a half ago.

   The individual in question was not present at that time.  It was their opinion that the individual was beginning to remove his belongs and that he was taking steps to vacate the site.

   One of the Bureau of Reclamation Park Rangers left a "written message" outlining the park regulations along with a request that the camp be vacated.

   An internal written report was submitted documenting the "campsite" and the actions of the Park Rangers.

   I have asked the investigating Park Rangers to conduct a follow-up site visit (with Deputy Cuoto's assistance).  They plan to do a check on the camp within the next week.

   It is my understanding that the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department is well aware of this individual and are providing assistance in locating and contacting him.

   If I can answer any more questions or provide more information, please contact me. Thank you, Shawn Wade, Acting Chief Park Ranger, New Melones Lake (209-536-9094 x 219)"

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