Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter to the Editor ... Re: Darren Spellman Attendance, etc

    Dear Editor:

     According to the minutes of the Board of Supervisor meetings since 2011, it is easily apparent that one individual on the BOS not only embarrasses his community with his lack of knowledge but also in his disrespect to the voters by not arriving on time.

   This of course is Darren Spellman.  Even outside the many facts and realities of what little he has done for his district or the county, he deserves to NOT receive any votes based on his attendance record alone.

   His first year in office, 2011, he managed to arrive on time and only arrived late once and absent once in 38 meetings.

   In 2012 he was absent on four occasions, late ten times and left early once.  Out of 30 meetings of the BOS in 2012, he was absent, late or left early for 15 meetings or 50%.

   In 2013 he arrived late on 13 occasions of the 28 BOS meetings on record, 46%.  Even in this election year, he continues to not take his position or what we hired him to do seriously.

   Through the April 22nd, 2014 meeting he has been late to 7 of the 10 BOS meetings to start the year.

   We need a Supervisor that actually wants to be punctual because a lack thereof is a direct reflection of how they complete the rest of their duties.

   Anonymous in Rancho Calaveras

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Anonymous said...

I can't imagine keeping a job with an attendance record like his.