Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter to the Editor.....Don't be Fooled!

   Dear Editor:

   Recently a postcard mailer has been received in local mailboxes stating "ATTENTION REPUBLICANS--Election Day Voting Guide."

   Quite often these mailers are sourced from Southern California--often Torrence, CA. All a candidate need do is pay $200 and their name appears on the guide regardless of their Party affiliation or a purported endorsement.

   An uninformed person might be led to believe that the State or local Republicn Parties have endorsed these candidates.

   The State Republican Party does not endorse judges or supervisory district candidates in counties.

  The Calaveras County Republican Party (Central Committee) has endorsed Dana Pfiel and Tim Healy for their respective judgeships.

   We have not endorsed any candidate in Supervisory Districts 3 or 5.  We don't endorse where more than one Republican is on a Primary Ballot and certainly don't support a Democrat candidate even in a supposedly nonpartisan office.

   Don't be misled! This isn't the first time this tactic has been used close to a ballot submission deadline.

   Vicky Reinke, Chair of Calaveras County Republicans

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion the Calaveras Republicans have lost it.