Friday, June 27, 2014

Illegal trapper pleads guilty

Hard to look at, he often left the bobcats
in traps for days without food or water.
   A Sacramento County man, Tracy Lee Schultz, plead guilty in court yesterday to illegally  trapping bobcats
for commercial gain.

   After an anonymous tip, a Fish and Wildlife warden followed Schultz for an entire season, as he set over 50 traps, killed and skinned bobcats and sold them for $15,000 to a furrier.
How sick do you have to be to torture
and kill wildlife for money?
  Illegal Commercialization of Wildlife is 2nd only to illegal trafficking of guns and drugs worldwide.

   Schultz will pay the $15,000 to Lassen County, where he trapped and killed the bobcats and is not allowed to hunt or trap for over 1 year. (not long enough)

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