Saturday, June 28, 2014

Making the Tea Potty Happy

   It was obvious to most average Americans that John Boehners threat to sue President Obama is to pacify his Tea Potty friends
and keep his Speakership.

  The Tea Potty people in Mississippi cried fowl when Cochran encouraged Democrats to vote for him; the terms Racist, Klansmen and Nazi were used on nearly every interview (which they deny).

   Then the SUICIDE!! Or was it a POTTYCIDE?

   Of course, Tea Potty McClintock actually gave free advertisement to the third candidate is the contest with Art Moore, calling him the liberal in the race.  But the Tea Potty gang thinks its ok when they do it; not dirty politics.

   The only way Art Moore can beat this Tea Potty McClintock is for the Democrats to realize that they are needed to vote for a Republican; So we can get rid of the Tea Potty.


Anonymous said...

This is right. the only way we Dems are going to get rid of McClintocks TP bunch is to vote for Moore.

Anonymous said...

Okay, can we do to McClintock what they did to McDaniel, eliminate the tea party bunch? Anything would be better than mcclintock.