Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suspicious person NOT Cliff Edsel?

   A suspicious person reported to the Calaveras Sheriff;s Office on June 23, 2014 was NOT Cliff Edsel, as some apparently believed. 

   This was a white male adult walking on Old Gulch near Bigfoot in San Andreas, headed for Calaveritas with a red baseball cap on backwards, brown shoulder-length hair (now you know its not Edsel) and swinging a t-shirt over his head, with his pants falling down (? could be).

   The Sheriff took no report, as they must have assumed it was some elected official or other, since it was reported that he was acting funny.


Anonymous said...

cliffy had to go back to the stove.

Anonymous said...

It's Edsen

Anonymous said...

thought he changed his name to look more like a large old car in a pastors suit.