Monday, June 2, 2014

Letter to the Editor: About Calaveras Supervisor candidate Crane

   Dear Editor:

   I don't really know all of the people running for Calaveras Supervisor in District 5; but I have in the past, known the woman named Crane.

   Let's see now; Crane has run for nearly every office that became available over the years, unsuccessfully.

   I have a friend who told me she has been a "wannabe" star and that is why she wears costumes and can't stay away from a room with a camera.

   I was active in a children's group years ago where there was a question of missing money, costumes, sets, abuse, etc.  Crane was the leader of that questionable group.

   Why has Crane NOT been invited back to do plays for Jenny Lind School District or any other children's theater organization. I was told she was removed from at least one board.

   She claims she is a big volunteer. Even that is questionable. I am now told she takes reimbursement for her gas and that means she is NOT a true volunteer. She is simply looking for a JOB and to look important!!

   It is my belief that this woman Crane is not only a BAD choice for supervisor, but that she needs help, serious help!

  I don't care who you vote for, but the Crane woman only pretends to be a nice person. She is anything but, and I will testify about her in court, if necessary.

   RBS in Valley Springs


Anonymous said...

Everyone here knows it's the DWB.

Anonymous said...

If that woman wins, Rancho will get what it deserves; another Spellman; crazier than a loon.

Anonymous said...

"The Crane woman"? It seems like there is some other agenda here. Anyone who knows Marti knows she is always volunteering. If anything she is a pest always trying to get other people to help out. Anyone can accuse another pretty easily on this site. Don't even think about comparing her to Spellman. You don't see Marti going around bad mouthing people or stabbing them in the back. As far as attending BOS meetings, Marti has attended more than Spellman - and she is on time.

Anonymous said...

lol, lol. then you don't know the REAL crane. but thank you george

Anonymous said...

is it true, Spellman is going to politically support Ms. Crane?
Why are Spellman signs still up? He is aware the election primary season is over? Past time to take the signs down.
Maybe he's planning a write in campaign?