Monday, June 2, 2014

Who's drinking the Spellman Kool-Aid now?

   On this, the day before the elections in Calaveras County, we have to report that we have heard about all kinds of sign removals, destruction and posting of signs illegally
in both District 3 and District 5.

   In both Districts, the election has become nasty and insults are flying from everywhere,  with few exceptions.

   Of course, in District 3 its about buns, guns, and more guns, and shooting guns near homes. Those who support that are supporting Oliveira; the others are split between the normal candidates Callaway and Borean.

   Many say since Oliveira doesn't even really live in the District, they are NOT voting for him or his mustache. Who of the other two they will vote for is not real clear yet.

   In District 5, we have a one-term incumbent who has had 2 recalls attempted against him, Spellman; the person who was most adamant to get the recall, Crane, and then the Tea Party candidate and fireman Ektarhi, and what we consider the normal, respected retired manager of the drug store, Steve Kearney.

   A member of the Good Samaritan Church, Lora Most, is seemingly acting as Spellman's campaign manager, sending out 'drink the Kool-Aid"  emails to try and get people to pray to save Spellmans campaign. STRANGE!  We say pray for MOST!!

   We have been told that the Mosts have been seen posting signs on property without permission, and Greg Gustafson has seemingly backed this up at the Board of Supervisor meetings.


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Anonymous said...

Gee, someone is removing Garrahan signs too. Wonder who that could be