Saturday, June 7, 2014

Letter to the Editor....About clear-cuts

   Dear Editor:

   Here is a letter to the Editor for you consideration. Thank you!

   Sierra Pacific Industries to add more clear cuts north of Dorrington.

   Siera Pacific Industries  (SPI) is planning a new timber harvest plan (THP) that will add another 397 acres to the 1247 acres they have already clearcut since 2010 in the Dorrington area.

    This new Timber Harvest Plan (THP) called the Alamo THP will clearcut on 397 acres between Lake White Pines up to the northern outskirts of Dorrington.

   Clearcutting is the cheapest way to log; it removes the entire forest and requires replanting, erosion control and herbicide spraying to mitigate the impacts.

   During this time, the landscape is dryer because of all the open areas, new plantations are more fire prone, and the windspeeds are higher in those areas.

   A drier landscape means springs dry up faster, water runs off faster, snow melts faster and wildfire danger is increased.

   There are other ways to manage forests that don't involve cutting down all the trees to make a quick buck; don't increase the fire risk, are more sustainable, mitigate global warming and allow watersheds to stay cool, shaded and visually appealing.

   All one has to do is drive up Hwy 4 or look on Google Earth to see how much Sierra Pacific Industries has clear-cut the forests - isn't it time we call for an end to this abusive practice and ask SPI to be a good neighbor.

  Kyle Haines

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