Thursday, September 17, 2015

Butte Fire victims will need a giant PHONE BOOK--people have died, Sheriff Kuntz!!

   September 17, 2015 at 6:45 AM:  Over the past 24 hours, it seems that the Calaveras County offices have issued numerous press releases, supposedly giving victims of the Butte Fire a PHONE BOOK of numbers to call for help. 

     That is, instead of a main number who should then refer people, that of the Sheriff's Office at 209-754-6500.
What has gone wrong at the Office of Emergency Services??

   Yes, altogether we've counted nearly 20 different phone numbers for residents to carry with them, when they many not even have a home.  And strangely enough, not one of them is the Calaveras Sheriff: Office of Emergency Services; which is the most important number of all.

  Why is that?  We are told that after three calls from residents of the  Butte Fire area, that the Calaveras County Sheriff; head of the Calaveras Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff Kuntz tired of the complaints and questions. That is so sad!! People have died, Sheriff Kuntz!

   Then, we were told, Sheriff Gary Kuntz demanded the CAO's office to tell everyone in the public to call anywhere else but the place responsible for our safety.

     Since that time, press release after press release has been sent, most of them not making any sense and some late in the evening; all of them with a multiple of strange phone numbers. When we tried one, it was not any assistance at all and we are therefore, not going to publish all of them.

    The head of the Office of Emergency Services is still the Calaveras Sheriff Gary Kuntz and his numbers have not changed. 

     The public and especially those displaced or burned out by the Butte Fire deserve better than what appears to be opposite of what Sheriff Kuntz promised when we voted for his re-election last year.

   There should only be ONE number where people can call for help during emergencies like the Butte Fire; that number should still be 209-754-6500, the Office of Emergency Services.

   People don't need a phone book; just one, and that should be the Office of Emergency Services. Do your job, Sheriff Kuntz!!!!

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