Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Calaveras Supervisor Tofanelli LIES and LIES and LIES--RECALL!!!

  Yesterday at the Calaveras Supervisor meeting District 1 Supervisor Tofanelli made what he called a heroic speech about the right to FREE Speech!!

   He LIED!
He does NOT believe in Free Speech except for his Tea Party wacko religious nut friends.  He does NOT believe that the Sierra Sentinel has the right to free speech without vandalism, threats of death, burning down our home, rape, bombing, etc. to get their way.

   These RACIST Tea Party and gun fanatics  try to sway our writing to stop our opinions from this website, to make us write pro-RACISM, pro-Trump, anti-women's rights, pro-GUN and all the other crazy religious control they want.

   We sent him an email about his lie yesterday that he believes in FREE SPEECH.  HE LIES!  HE

  Tofanelli should be recalled for his incompetence, his LIES to the public and his bias to try and stay in office. It won't work Mr. Tofanellli.  We will support a RECALL!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah? recall him, get that pond scum, pay for play politics-politician, thick white envelope recipient Edson back in power.

Anonymous said...

Tofanelli claims he is a "steelworker". What does that mean? He wanted the ban, now, he's on his knees hoping if he waffles enough, they won't recall him and take away a county pension. Tofanelli, are they passing a thick, white envelope to you now? You might think you're a "steelworker", but you're really just another loooooser! No better than the person you replaced, Edson.
You should be recalled and replaced by a person with integrity!
To the voters that voted you in, S U C K E R S !

Anonymous said...

I think he said he runs a company who sells steel products in Stockton or Lodi somewhere. I don't think he's a steelworker. Not the type.

Anonymous said...

Our choice was him or edsen.

Anonymous said...

He has publicly stated during a public meeting, he is a steelworker, whoooopee! i think that is his bravado speaking.

You voters didn't learn the first time around about Tofanelli?

Anonymous said...

He seems genuine to me and the accusations of white envelopes are from people like Bill McManus or other bansters who post anonymously who have been proven time and time again to be manipulating liars even from a judge. No possibility any of the supes take bribes. ridiculous