Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders ages 10 years

 Sarah Huckabee Sanders led the first live filmed press conference from the White House in a week, since Trump is determined to end Freedom of the Press.

  When she lectured the Press and criticized them for what they call FAKE news (everyone except FOX, the propaganda machine is FAKE),  one member of the Press called her out.

   After all, we all know that the FAKE news comes from the White House. Huckabee seemed to age at least 10 years, as she tried to interrupt, but the reporter continued. 

    Trump is Liar in Chief and Huckabee is number 2 after KellyAnne Conway.  Poor Sean (Spicey) just nearly had a nervous breakdown over trying to cover for the Presz, so he's out!

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