Saturday, June 24, 2017

Letter to the Editor: A pastors duty

   Dear Editor:

     After watching the video of the last Supe meeting in San Andreas, I have some questions.  First of all, what is a pastors' job?

    This one pastor bragged that he brought what, 45 people to the Calaveras Supervisor meeting to pray against pot!   Is that his job?

   Why doesn't he bring people together to pray for Universal Health Care for everyone?  Why doesn't he bring these people together to pray for civility and equality for all races?

   I'm very confused about his statement that TRUMP says churches should now be political and campaign for candidates, etc.

    It will sure keep me away from any church like that!!  What is a pastors duty to the world, anyway??

   Becoming LESS religious in Valley Springs,

    R (no name please)  Those people were threatening and scary!!

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Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you, I am supposed to be Christian, born and raised, but there is something very wrong; racim, hate of anyone different, judging everyone, no women's rights and sooooo political. Trumpers of all things. One of the worst known males in the world, they worship? Get a mandate from heaven to do GOOD things for people!!