Friday, June 23, 2017

Collision in Avery due to alleged DUI, per CHP

   According to the CHP report on June 17, 2017 around 12:30 AM James G. Spratt (29) of Avery was driving his Ford Mustang westbound on Hwy 4 near Howard Ct. at a high rate of speed.

    Daniel Horsey (33) of San Mateo was driving a Honda Civic eastbound on Hwy 4, approaching Spratt.

   Per CHP Spratt unsafely turned the Mustang from a direct course of travel and lost control. The Mustang veered to the right shoulder of Hwy 4 and up the dirt embankment. Then the Mustang spun around into the path of the Honda.

    Horsey observed the Mustang travel directly into his path but was unable to take any evasive action to avoid a collision.

   The front of the Honda struck the rear of the Mustang, and came to rest in the eastbound lane of Hwy 4.  The Mustang continue to the south shoulder of Hwy 4 where it came to rest facing an easterly direction.

   Spratt was determined to be under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs and was subsequently arrested for alleged 23152(a)VC-Misd. DUI.

   Spratt was transported to Mark Twain Hospital for minor injuries  Horsey was taken to Sonora Regional Medical Center for minor injuries.  His passenger Katherine Saylor (32) of Burlingame, was transported to Doctors Modesto for moderate injuries.


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