Friday, June 30, 2017

Radical Extremist Rep McClintock says......

Yes, PANTS on Fire Mr.
    The most radical extremist right wing Republican in this area is OUR Rep. Tom McClintock!

   Hard to believe, but today he sent out a press release, accusing the LEFT of being the radicals. Check this out:

    It is titled "Stopping the Radicals"  OMG, what a laugh!!

    Anyway, "  The leftists who are pledged to "resist by any means necessary", are very clear in their vision for the future; bigger, costlier and more intrusive government.

   But what I object to most is their tactics.  THEY are manifestly intolerant of other people's opinions, and prone to BULLY, intimidate, insult and disrupt whenever they get the chance. (his Trump would NEVER do anything like that, would he?)

   Judging from the past few weeks, I think the PUBLIC is finally getting tired of it. " (then he asks
for money)

   The press release continues, "  I think the PUBIC is starting to realize that President Trump is doing everything he can to fulfill the campaign promises he--and we--made to the American PEOPLE.  (As the Canadians say according to Colbert, Trump family SCREWING the public since 1894 on his fathers whore house.)

   The House (with McClintocks help) passes the biggest regulatory relief bill in history, significant legislation to stop illegal immigration and the repeal of  ObamaCare . (and start of TrumpCare)

   The RADICAL left wants to nullify the 2016 election and obstruct every reform the PEOPLE have voted for in the last four elections.

   We have lost an entire decade of economic growth to the socialists (he must mean the Bush presidency, the crash, the wars, etc) , and I think PEOPLE realize how bleak the future will be if the 'resist by any means necessary' radicals were ever returned to power. 

   And then again he asks for more money!!! 


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