Monday, June 26, 2017

Muslim Ban back: Electing Republicans Assures that Racism can Flourish!!

   As long as Republicans are elected and control any part of government, America's standard of honor will be relinquished.

   Trumps appointment
of an extremist right wing judge to the Supreme Court has given the court the go ahead to reinstate
the Muslim ban, and they did so this morning.

  And the White Supremacists and KKK's around the country who put that creep in power, are more emboldened than even, knowing his Supreme Court will let them get away with anything they want.  

   Our country is no longer free for every nationality, race, creed, sex or religion.  As long as Republicans are elected, we are all in DANGER!!! 

   As Democrats are beginning to realize and express, Republicans are the Party of Death in all ways.


Anonymous said...

If you EVER thought the Supreme Court was non-partisan, think again!!

Anonymous said...

OINK, OINK!! Can't stand him!