Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump calls Joe Scarborough 'PSYCHO' and Mika 'CRAZY'

   Trump is just like all insecure weak men who feel insulted by what women reporters may write or say about them and tell others they're crazy.  Trump is no different.

   He 'tweeted' that Mika, co-star of Morning Joe,  'crazy'. He also said that Joe Scarborough, the star of the most  popular morning show in America, 'psycho'.  It has been reported that every lawmaker on the Hill, watches it every morning.

   I think we all know who the CRAZY PSYCHO is, don't we???


Anonymous said...

This is an example of what evangelicals are like??? What do we tell our children. we can't expect them to behave any differently. The President sets the example.

Anonymous said...

Mika is the brilliant daughter of zbiegnew brzesinski, who served as counsel to president Johnson. He died about a week ago. Trump is a worthless pig!

Anonymous said...

We feel like we are living in a nightmare and can't wake up. We long for a normal presidency again.