Sunday, June 25, 2017

Representative Garamendi calls out GOP on health bill

   In an interview this morning, Congressman John Garamendi called out the GOP health care bill as 'obscene' and the biggest corrupt transfer of wealth from the poor to the richest
in the history of our country.

  We are very fortunate to  have his son Jack as a Supervisor in Calaveras County.

   Trumps family sees to benefit greatly from this scheme, NOT the white supremacists who love him. Garamendi is extremely concerned about those of us in rural areas, who will lose benefits.

   How will premiums be lowered by the GOP plan?   You will choose what you want, like accidents but not cancer, etc. and what happens when you get cancer??? The entire plan is corrupt and is
something Republicans have been wanting to do to poor, especially minorities, for decades.

   Now that Trump is in office and hates minorities too, they want to take advantage of it. Trouble is, those kkk members will lose too!  Good luck with that, racist pigs!


Anonymous said...

Hillary called the GOP the party of DEATH!! so true

Anonymous said...

Right on Rep. Garamendi - you are sooooooo correct. Every word you say is one million percent correct!!!