Sunday, June 25, 2017

Residents of Angels Camp: This is NOT the time to be sentimental!!

   For many years now, the Sierra Sentinel has witnessed first hand the corruption, the general meanness, the malfeasance and the incompetent failure to run  a city
the way it should be run at the so-called City of Angels. (no Camp in the name now)

    The Grand Jury calls for dissolution of the City, just as we have for nearly 20 years.  Your tax
money goes to pay exorbitant wages and retirements that are a total waste, not to mention our extreme water bills.

  If you think  those at the City won't fight this, you're wrong!  They like the way it is, especially our reckless driving Chief of Police Fordahl.

   Now is NOT the time to get sentimental.  They don't even call it Angels Camp anymore. They call it the City of Angels.  Are WE Los Angeles?   We go back to being Angels Camp if we get rid of the City charter!!!

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Anonymous said...

Businesses would succeed in angels camp if they went back to the county. the city council is hurting business prospects. Look at Murphys.