Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump tried to BLACKMAIL Scarborough!! Arrested???

   Apparently, the worst part of the Morning Joe saga is still to come.  Joe Scarborough this morning told the story about Trump threatening to blackmail
he and Mika Brzezinski earlier this year.

   According to the couple, Trump told Scarborough that he would 'spike' a story planted in the National Enquirer if Joe would apologize land admit he had given Trump bad coverage.  Joe refused!!! 

   Trump will stoop to anything to try and get his way. He was this way in his business and he is this way in the White House.  Will he be arrested?????

   Joe says he has phone records. Trump is denying everything.  Are there TAPES???
   Joe says he has phone records! Trump so far is denying everything, as usual.  Are there TAPES of this too??  Did Joe report it to the authorities???


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more abuse of power. omg. why? His friends and racists are all the same, just like him. hate, violence, racism.

Anonymous said...

scumbag. abuse of power. scumbag, violent racist, instills violence in all his base. crazy