Sunday, June 25, 2017

Real "Law and Order"--Anti-Racism and '60's Protests"

   Most men I know love the TV show "Law and Order" and many are watching as they replay shows back in 1999 in a marathon of sorts, especially the ones with Jerry Orbach.

   Last evening there were two 1999 shows back to back. One was about body found in a 1968 VW bus in the river after 40 years. Turned out he had been shot by a campus security guard because he was protesting against the Vietnam War (the guards son was MIA in Vietnam).

   The other was about neo-Nazi teens beating up and killing a young girl. That one was so 'today' appropriate because it was about how young teens are easily swayed by the neo-Nazi and pro-Confederate movements.

   In that show, these teens were being taught not only violence to minorities, but violence and death to anyone who disagrees with their insane beliefs of white supremacy. (very similar to what is going on today with the racists in Calaveras County who threaten the owner of the Sierra Sentinel and his wife with rape, house burning, death and all other forms of torture)

.  YES, this is still going on in AMERICA today!!!  And the cops today encourage them. They say it helps them get elected here in Calaveras.  How SICK is that!!

    The best part of the Nazi show was when a teen made declarations of white supremacy in front of his parents. His father was standing behind him and angrily smacked his son on the back of his head..

    He said, "My father and your grandfather fought those Nazis to make sure we could live in our free society. I don't EVER want to hear you talk like that again!"

    How many of you Tea Party Trumper racists have grandfathers or fathers who also fought in WWII?   And what example are you giving YOUR children?

     How crazy have you become to support another racist scum like Trump and move our country back to a horrendous and shameful time in our history, making our country an embarrassment worldwide.  SHAME ON YOU!!  

   And thank you "Law and Order" for being so REAL!!


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows these are almost all Olivera supporters and even campaign committee members. Yes,it's a sick county we live in.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder why the congress. black caucus won't meet with the kkk at the white house??

Anonymous said...

Did you see the news tonight? White Supremacists rallies in DC today, that Spencer freak, recruiting college students. Probably high schoolers too. Trump supports them and they love him.