Friday, June 23, 2017

Grand Jury recommends dissolution of CITY of ANGELS CAMP

Cmon Mary!
Let's go have a
few beers on the
   For years now, due to the corruption, racist employees, incompetence, distrust of city employees and elected officials, the has recommended dissolution
of the City to become part of the county.

  Now the Calaveras Grand Jury, who has not investigated the city in 10 years, agrees.  However, the City employees will fight this,  because they make good wages and retirement for little work.

   We do not really have a City Council in the City. They are mostly appointees due to the fact that
NO ONE wants to be associated with the city government.

   Mary Kelly now runs the city on her own and the way she wants.  No one ever challenges her.

   This City Council will certainly NOT vote to dissolve the waste of money that this city corruptly uses--our TAX money.

   The appointed Chief of Police is treated like a hero for crashing a police car into a Common Grounds delivery vehicle without even slowing down.  He was rewarded with a BIG new TRUCK!!!

   If you go back and read the many articles the has written over the years, you will understand how their malfeasance and abuse of power and our tax money has been allowed.


Anonymous said...

This is a MeAN city in many ways.

Anonymous said...

they call it getting even. bad news. I agree with dissolve