Monday, June 12, 2017

Marriage licenses in Calaveras....

   The following people received marriage licenses in Calaveras County recently;

    On May 30, 2017 Kasi Ann Root and
Justin Brice Greer

    On May 30, 2017 Joseph Daniel Handgis and Ashley Michele Martin

   On June 2, 2017 Drew Lyn Andersen and Kurt Everett Uhler

   On June 2, 2017 Chad Martin Strait and Amanda Elizabeth Gallo

     On June 5, 2017 Scott Peter Engels and Edda Frida Schoennauer

     On June 5, 2017  Mikayla Ruth Alziebler and Cody Luigi Milo

    On June 6, 2017 Edward David Munoz and Colleen Michelle Sedlund

      On June 6, 2017 Douglas Gordon Fay and Vivian Jean Drew

   On June 6, 2017 John Thomas Scanlon and Miwa Lynne Kozuki

   On June 7, 2017 Zachary Harrison Brown and Lacey Patricia Farber

     On June 7, 2017 Jacqueline Louise McGuffin and Mark Randall Lewis

    On June 8, 2017 Nicholas C. Jeros and Kristy McTigue Blackburn
   On June 9, 2017 Alexander Preston Moyer and Njura Wangari Hipp

    Congratulations to all of you!!

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