Saturday, June 10, 2017

What is Calaveras Teeter money??? Oliveiras' Moose Lodge......

   After Calaveras District 3 Supervisor convinced the other 4 Supervisors to help him get re-elected by borrowing from what is called the county's Teeter fund, people began asking us where this money comes from.

   This is a gimmick set up by the state to allow counties to borrow money in advance on properties that have unpaid property taxes.  The amount is a phony amount that may be collected by the county at a later time.

   The Blagen Bridge was the needed money Oliveira needed because we heard his Moose Lodge (over 500 votes) were threatening to throw him out of office if he didn't get them a new bridge so they could get to their lodge on CCWD land.

   At this lodge they have a bar and play Bingo as fundraisers for the lodges charities.

   Two years ago, the money was used for new computers at several county offices.


Anonymous said...

The Moose LOdge has that kind of power? Whooo

Anonymous said...

you kiddin? He only joined so he could get their votes last time.