Tuesday, November 14, 2017

From a friend of the 'POSTALS'

    Once the Sierra Sentinel became aware of the serious situation at the local post offices regarding drunks and PTSD's being allowed to do whatever they wanted to postal customers, we started investigating.

  We discovered that the postal workers union APWU has it ingrained even on their website that ALL union members must be involved in Democrat campaigns in order to keep the money and jobs flowing at the billion dollar losing post office.

   Locally, three very politically motivated, one drunk and PTSD and the other completely mentally unstable, have allowed a climate of 'getting away with anything' to pervade.

   The USPS has been actively eliminating these people from their employ and now only hire  'contract' workers to avoid the mental cases and drunks.'

   We heard from a friend of the main drunk this morning, defending the POSTAL, regardless of what he had done, and the woman he is involved with.  Shameful, and disgraceful to defend garbage!!! It makes the entire Democratic Party look bad!! 

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