Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dear Editor: Oliveira cannot be trusted!

   Dear Editor:

   I just have to write and warn the voters in Calaveras County of one of the extremists who cannot be trusted with our life decision as Supervisors.

   Number one is District 3's Oliveira. No cop has ever been an honorable elected official. Look at the scandals that CHP Claudino caused.

   Now we have Oliveira, one of those Bay Area cops who pretends to be nice, but believe me he is only nice to people like Mike Preston and Bill McManus. He pretended to be for cannabis, but secretly campaigned against it. He's crooked and sleazy, I believe.

   Oliveira said he was going to bring business and jobs and growth back and has done absolutely nothing, except get a corrupt Calaveras Sheriff appointed. His point man at the Sheriff's office.

   Unless you want a DO nothing Supervisor like him for another 4 years, better find someone else to vote for. He's a racist and also has no real respect for any law, in my opinion.

     Warning from D3 voter


Anonymous said...

talkn bout the sheriff, I hear he loves the dirtyies of cops, the most racist cops, the most violent cops, the fired cops. that turns me off completely

Anonymous said...

All I know is he said he would bring all the builders jobs back and he lied about that. And the only business he brought to town was a BAR!

Anonymous said...

Hello, y'all remember Callaway KILLED all the builder jobs and the Meadowmont Golf course and ran up the county deficit to 8 million! As crooked as you might think Olivera is he voted to regulate pot and NOT ban it like other dumb asses!