Monday, March 5, 2018

First Oliveira hates cannabis, then he votes for cannabis, now he says...

   In a wishy washy slate of half-truths, outright lies and trying to make everyone vote for him, Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira tried to have in both ways.

   After hearing from his male campaign supporters, we aren't surprised, however. This particular both ways is about cannabis, and it won't work in District 3.

   First, Oliveira said he was dead against cannabis; then he voted in favor of cannabis; then he said only the voters should decide; then he voted for cannabis!

   Now, with Ed Langan running in opposition to cannabis, he goes back to being against cannabis and favors a ban.  This is just like former Supervisor Callaway, who always tried to have it both ways. 

   When you lie to half of the people half of the time, they turn on you!  This is an attempt of elected officials to stay in power no matter what they have to say!  Throw them out!!! Liars are LIARS and liars are losers!!!


Anonymous said...

It was Lisa Muettertiess idea to have him play the crooked yellow line. She told him it worked for callaway for many years. Crooked is as crooked does, Oliveira.

Anonymous said...

politicians suck!!

Anonymous said...

It does sound like muetteties told him to play that game. They are the people who cannot be trusted. In order to remove them, we have to remove olivera