Sunday, June 24, 2018

1st Amendment right for business to refuse service?

Huckabee left without having to
call the police to extract her
   Very interesting thing happened last night. Sarah Huckaby, the evil lying Press Secretary of the racist Trump Cult, was thrown out
of a restaurant last night.

   If an extremist wacked out prejudiced baker can refuse service to a gay couple, then doesn't any
business have the right to refuse service to those they deem to be evil, racist, cult members?

   Josh Rogen last night refused Paul Ryan's request to have their photo taken together. Same idea. Evil is to be avoided, right?

   Huckabee and Ryan are shocked! Shocked we tell you, that anyone could possibly treat them this way? 

   Seems that the Make American White and Straight Again Cult of Trump had better get used to it, because what is good for the racist goose, is also good for those who are repulsed by this CULT!!

   Good Job, Red Hen and Josh Rogen!!! This evil regime will continue to divide our county, but w believe there are more against this cult than in favor of it!

   As a publication, the blocks known violent racists, gun thug postal drunks and dirty filthy cops!!

     In the long run, they cannot win against the truly good, open-minded and accepting Americans!!


Anonymous said...

Right in the Lord's Prayer it says 'deliver me from evil' and this is totally evil trump.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know one total screwball who tried to harm the owner of the Sentinels businesses and not only failed miserably but spurred the growth. He also completely caused the collapse of another business that he liked and that supported his sickness. LOL