Wednesday, June 20, 2018

OP-ED: Cox and Mills caught LYING in Calaveras County

   Cox and Mills caught lying!!!
40-year Veteran Environmental Scientist Exposes Deceptive "Junk Science" Study Used to Ban Cannabis Farming
in Calaveras County.

    June 20, 2018
    Calaveras County, California.

    When Supervisor Dennis Mills, 68, introduced a document sub-headlined "the Effect of Cannabis
Cultivation on the Environment of Calaveras County," into a Board meeting, he clearly didn't expect real scientists to pay attention.

   But after Mills prevailed in a January 2018 3-2 vote to ban all cannabis farming base on environmental concerns, Patrick J. Sullivan, Ph.D. took a hard look.

   What he found revealed Mills concocted a shoddy piece of propaganda riddled with fabrications,  comically bad math, "Junk Science," grotesque ignorance of three state regulatory agencies, and conflating documented harms from illegal cultivation with unsubstantiated claims about the regulated growers Mills wanted put out of business.

   What stood out most to Sullivan? "The Mills report is intentionally deceptive" the veteran forensic environmental scientist stated, echoing similar conclusions he documented throughout his 25 page review. (Linked below, with appendices totaling over a thousand pages)

   Even to a non-scientist, the 61-page Mills Report reads like an amateurish version of the  "advocacy studies" that brought ridicule and infamy upon tobacco companies.

   Do bald-faced lies seem funnier coming from the mouths of men in white lab coats?  Apparently.

   Sullivans own conclusions about "Cultivating Disaster" is pretty entertaining in its bluntness:  "Mr. Mills attempt to write a scientific environmental report is either a very bad attempt at creative writing or just plain science fiction."

   Environmental Review by Patrick j. Sullivan Ph.D. of "Cultivating Disaster: The Effect of Cannabis Cultivation on the Environment of Calaveras County."

   "Cultivating Disaster" a Report from Dennis Mills, the office of District 4 Supervisor of Calaveras County

   Patrick J. Sullivan, Ph. D.


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