Monday, June 25, 2018

Civility?? In the Trump Cult world??

   For several years, we have listened to Democratic lawmakers, even those locally, push civility
on us and look what it brought.  The most UN-civilized man in the world as President.

   Maxine Waters has it right. It is past time that we start treating Trump Cultists the way they deserve
to be treated and the way they treat us.

   As she states, we the patriots of America, have the right to harass the most uncivil of all people, those who worship Trump. 

  Sarah Huckabee and others should just be the beginning. They treat gays, minorities and others with such sickening disrespect, they deserve to be treated the same way. 

   Thank you Maxine Waters, CA Representative, for calling it like it is.  Civility is a losing game, Democrats!  Treat them the way they treat you.  This is the least civil administration in the history of our country, and we need to show them how it feels. 

   McClintock should get this same treatment. He is among the WORST of the WORST!  He is a Trump Cultist! .

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