Friday, June 29, 2018

Calaveras Humane Society buys separate building--Not part of county

   After years of talks and approval by the prior Calaveras Board of Supervisors to go into talks with the Calaveras Humane Society to build and maintain a countywide shelter, that plan
is in the trashcan.

   The local CHS group has now purchased the old Chicken Shack building outside Angels Camp and plans to run a no-kill shelter from that location, totally separate from Calaveras County.

   We left a message on their phone, but never got a return call from Dee Dee Drake, the reported exec.

   We aren't sure what happened, but the County has NO money due to banning cannabis (they could have built a beautiful new shelter with tax and permit money, but now they are $9.5 million in debt and last week had to hire lawyers for all their lawsuits, of which the numbers will likely grow.

   In addition, we hear rumors that some of the new Supervisors are not supportive of Animal Services, like the old board was.

   Animal Services was one of Supervisor Callaway's favorite departments and without her, animal services is definitely suffering in all ways.

   Fortunately FOCAS (Friends of Calaveras Animal Services) is picking up the slack and is working well with the county. If you would like to volunteer, drop by the Cat or Dog House on the edge of the County campus.

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Anonymous said...

The building was also known many years ago as the Golden Frog. Also, Angels Vet started out at that location too. This is for those of us who have been around here for 50+ years.