Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Blood on Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli's hands...

   A member of the public got up before the Calaveras Supervisors and stated that the robbery that occurred and resulting injuries are directly caused by Supervisors Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli.

   "These three Supervisors have blood on their hands".  The BAN people are supporting the Supervisors who they say they can count on for the ban: Oliveira, Mills, and Clapp. 

    They now say that Tofanelli cannot be trusted to follow through on the ban, but he also has BLOOD on him.

   These BAN nuts are dangerous and more blood with flow if Oliveira, Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli are allowed to continue.

   They plan to use the remainder of the Prop C tax money to pay for attorney fees!

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