Wednesday, June 27, 2018

OP-ED: About Calaveras Supervisors and Cannabis

    During public comments at the June 26, 2018 Board of Supervisors meeting, the lies of Mills, Clapp and McManus were laid bare for the people to see.

    Excerpts of their emails obtained through Public Information Requests were read aloud Proof of their collaboration with staff on the Hazmat Registry that was never proposed, agendized or voted on by the BOS during any public meeting was provided.

   That "project" represents a gross case of official misconduct because the County of Calaveras cannot create any program without the proper public process.

  Additionally, emails by McManus to Mills and/or Clapp, and to his "committee" were read out.

   When the meeting began, McManus was all winks and smiles towards members of the Board. At the end he slinked out in disgrace.

   The people libeled, slandered and put out of business by this Board are educating the people about the corruption and misbehavior of certain members of the public and Board of Supervisors, and doing so using the actual words of the wrongdoers.

   This is what happens when corrupt politicians crush people to the point where all their dreams are destroyed and they have are left with nothing to lose, not to mention suddenly having a lot of new free time.

   McManus, Clapp, Mills and Tofanelli have lied to the public about the nature of licensed Cannabis businesses and the truth is finally coming out! editor!


Anonymous said...

Why is the video not on the wbsite correctly> Tried many time/

Anonymous said...

I would really love to obtain Trevor W emails.The misrepresentations and manipulation of the voters.Lets talk truth here.He has LOST all his court battles and spent countless cash on trying to back up his lies he keeps telling.He has people read emails that are nothing to most voters.They are so tired of him.Many of us dont care what he has to say as it is misguided information as proven by the attempted Dennis Mills recall.The lies that the recall people tried need to stop.We are now living quietly and safer than before the ban so please stop beating a dead horse and either get on with life or I know.... move.