Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Aurora Weatherby says she has basket of eggs left !! Take your basket home!!

   At the end of Calaveras budget hearings, Aurora Weatherby complained that young people often invest everything they have into a new business venture;  she was referring to cannabis farms.

   She said that they were stupid to invest everything; that she invests some money, but still retains a basket of eggs.

  What Weatherby has NO clue about is that it takes a lot of courage for anyone to invest a new business of any kind.

      It often takes the courage to put in EVERYTHING to make your dream come true of having a business, Ms. Weatherby.

    Stay home and count your eggs!  Take that waked out white haired kooky woman who says people on the street talk to her with you!!

   You wouldn't know anything about starting ANY business, since you were nothing but a government worker who sucked off the taxpayer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're right. That woman is bad news. The ony basket she has is of our tax money.