Saturday, June 30, 2018

What happens when you aren't worth keeping around??

   We've had some people commenting about how many old and no longer working people there are in Calaveras County. Some, they say just got fired in their 40's and never really worked again.

   One person said they were probably not worth keeping around in the first place and may have been raised by people who didn't like working, got in trouble with the law, etc.

   What is really sad to see is the people shuffled off out the door, who do nothing now but look to get into trouble, who can't keep new friends because of their racist or other mental problems.

   One thing we have learned; DO NOT EVER start trusting people again once they have been violent, committed vandalism, trespassed or stolen from you. 

   They are sick, were sick and will always be too sick. Avoid them at all costs!!  Some even put up high chain link fences around their land to keep out racists, dirty cops, alcoholics and postals.

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