Thursday, June 21, 2018

Oliveira still MISSING! Is he being paid???

  While the CAO at Calaveras County is still remaining silent on why Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira is still MISSING, speculation and questions are growing.

   One person said they heard he fears losing in November, so he is taking a VERY long PAID vacation back east to visit family now.

   Another insists he is in the Bay Area at his real home. Another said he has checked into rehab out of necessity.  What is true, Mr. Oliveira.

   E-mails to him are going unanswered.  Is he getting another FOOT job. He was off work paid for months just after he got elected because he was in a Bay Area hospital for some type of FOOT Job!

   Is this transparency in government?  Calaveras County is in such dire straits with what everyone is calling a corrupt Board of Supervisors. Recalls are everywhere.

  No secrets while you are on the Taxpayers DOLE, Mr. Oliveira. We have a right to know what you are doing at full pay and where you are doing it.

   We are very concerned that this is NOT a good sign for his re-election chances in November. The voters are not happy with him anyway.

   Callaway may be a shoe-in if this continues any longer.

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