Wednesday, June 20, 2018

America dragged through the Trump sewer

   Hard to believe that Steven Miller, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Steve
Bannon and Donald Trump can continue to demoralize American around the world.

   His race war, calling Mexicans who immigrate as infesting our country and putting their children in prisons, has drug our nation through the sewer and has destroyed our reputation around the world.

  The Cult of Trump believes there are enough White Supremacists in America to keep him and his sick sewer rats in power.  What do you think? 

   Are you in the sewer swamp with the scum in the White House, or have you taken the high

    The truth is, that the Hispanic people are the ones of Family Values.  There is not a scent or one iota of any values in the Republican Cult of Trump!

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Anonymous said...

He smells all right.