Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bear cub killed by USFS

   All around Arnold the talk is about people who happened to drive by and see that a USFS vehicle struck and killed a bear cub near
Red Apple on Hwy 4.

   Red Apple is a draw, as is any place they can get fruit.  The poor bears are starving due to the clear-cutting going on everywhere.

   One woman we spoke to was so upset, saying she didn't see it happen, but they must have been speeding to massacre that poor cub the way it did.

   No one knows why USFS does allow their employees to speed in our area and that they do not have warning whistles on their front bumpers. 

   Just another problem for USFS, who many complain mishandles Candyrock, not allowing any regular walkers in the area; only gunmen and recently porn and kkk types when it is supposed to be a park for everyone.

   People are also not happy that they are control burning large acreage this late in the season, which almost everyone agrees is very dangerous.

   It could be a leadership problem, but we aren't sure who runs the USFS now.


Anonymous said...

whn I went by they had just left it laying on the side of th road. no care at all.

Anonymous said...

So sad and I hear it was in broad daylight.