Thursday, June 14, 2018

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira counts on Trump Cult

  " If Corey Stewart, a clear White Supremacist and vocal anti-Semite can get elected, I can" is what we figure Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira is counting on this November.

   Oliveira only received 28% of the primary vote in District 3, while Ed Langan received 24%, only around 100 votes different. 

   Oliveira claims that he doesn't care about Langan's voters, mostly independents and business people, because Vickie Reinke and Vickie Mills (Dennis Mills wife), who run the Trump Cult in Calaveras County, promise to endorse him.

   Just like Trump is endorsing Corey Stewart, the White Supremacist in Virginia, the Cult is endorsing their MAGA (Make America Great (WHITE) Again friends.

   If we were advising him, we would suggest he try to work things out with Ed Langan because he nearly tied Oliveira's vote total, and if he doesn't, that Callaway could easily win in November.

   Unfortunately, Oliveira is stubborn, very bully like and does not want to 'lower himself' to making deals with Langan. We'll see what happens!

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