Saturday, June 2, 2018

Callaway may take it all in primary

   In Calaveras County there is a major revolt against what the voters see as corruption in nearly every Supervisorial district.

   Two recalls are still under way for Mills and Tofanelli. While District 3 Supervisor Oliveira has escaped a recall, people are not happy with his way of handling problems and there seems to be a wave of desire to return to Merita Callaway and a little peace and calm.

   The amount of racism and hatred, not to mention vicious business practices have overshadowed Oliveira's regime. Most seem to blame the Muetterties attachment to and control of Oliveira, their love of guns and lack of good sense when it comes to their choice of friends and lovers.

   Callaway's team appears confident, and their bank account shows, that they may just take the 51% they need to take over the seat she lost 4 years ago without a runoff.  We'll know by next week!!

   Don't forget to VOTE!!!   

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